Terri Maue

Totally awesome news! Knife Edge just garnered a 5 STAR review from Readers’ Favorite. [I made print of the official seal. It’s not quite that large, but I wanted it to show up in the photo.]

You can read the whole review at link below, but let me share this part:

Knife Edge is written with exquisite vocabulary, which underscores the main character’s wit and talent as an opinion columnist. The author has taken pains to use circumstances and descriptions to support the main character and mirror her internal struggles in the background. The characters are well-rounded and authentic, making the reader feel part of the story. The town of Valerian is described with great detail and forms a rich backdrop to the plot. … the suspense and intrigue keep the reader on the edge of their seat to try to unravel the mystery. However, the twists and false leads keep the resolution hidden to the very end.


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I’m excited to tell you I’ll be a featured blog guest on the Ladies of Mystery site. My blog will drop in the wee hours of April 29. Here’s the link:


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