Terri Maue

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Knife Edge is getting great reviews! See them on the What Readers Say tab. The book has 18 Amazon reviews, for a 4.9 Star rating! Here’s just one:

Quick paced and a wonderful read. Beautifully written, carefully plotted and with characters I can’t wait to see again. The cat is quirkier, the muffins more delightful, and the mystery trickier than any other novel I’ve read that has those elements. A bit of a thriller without being gruesome, a bit cozy without being tame, this really hits the spot. The best part is the top of the cover where it mentions this is Book 1. Can’t wait for the next books in this series!

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I’ve been very busy, doing author appearances and generally having fun. Check out the new Photos page. I have a bit of a break for March and April, although I’m excited to tell you I’ll be a featured blog guest on the Ladies of Mystery site. My blog will drop in the wee hours of April 29. Here’s the link:


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